A short message of gratitude for a wake up call

This was originally written on December 30th, 2015.
I have been extremely lucky in having found a long time friend. I help him by reading his research papers on the peace process in the Middle East, a theme that matters to this heart of mine. The last paper I edited touched me. It was about Syria and the conflict(s) that still ails that nation. Here is a short message that I sent him after having finished my reading. I am not sure why, but I felt the need to incorporate this in my blog. So here it is. May this be of help.

Hello Dear Friend,

Here is the chapter. I wanted to send it back to you before the end of the year…And I’ve made it!!!!!!

My head spins every time I edit one of your chapters. It’s a good spin, don’t worry. When I read your papers it makes me wonder about the type of training/education/faith that all humans would need in order to avert wars. We are so used, as a species, to endless arguing and fighting against each other, that I don’t think we would know what to do with ourselves if this world’s nations were not at war. With so many countries and cultures (the USA included) where the arts, music, philosophy, values, and folk wisdom(s) and traditions are not being taught at school and in many cases (due to modernity) at home either, the maturing population has no choice but to grow at best with an emptiness of the heart-mind, and at worst with an almost maniacal need to fill its time with something to do, and almost anything will do. But this population is also growing up, and growing older, not knowing how to make choices, and not even knowing that choices can be created. It is growing up with a facile attitude toward not thinking-feeling deeply. And I thank you because your papers serve as a reminder.

May this 2016 bring you, your family and country the rest, peace and love you all need, and merit. May you always have loving friends.

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